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BWG’s entry into property management is the result of the needs and demands of our commercial consulting and construction clients.  At our peak volume BWG Property Management LLC was handling more than 800 assets throughout the entire state of Florida.  In some cases, we managed the entire portfolio’s of commercial assets on behalf of financial institutions.

Our property management of these assets went way beyond collecting rents, property preservation, and routine maintenance.  BWG’s approach to property management of commercial assets was driven by our Consulting division’s drive to turn nonperforming assets into profitable properties.  Our management services often included taking over and managing existing businesses within the asset to ensure the value of the property was maintained.  Working with our Construction and Realty divisions BWG was able to preserve, maintain, improve, and broker these commercial assets quickly and at peak value to our clients holding nonperforming properties.

Today BWG Property Management draws from this experience and the strengths of the relationships gained during these peak times, to continue more traditional management services to our clients commercial assets.

Beginning in May 2014 we are utilizing these strengths to provide management services to our residential clients as well.  As is true of our commercial team, we have put together a team of professionals with the specific strengths geared to the unique challenges and personal service required in residential property management and home watch services.



Leasing a Home

This section is currently under construction. Please check back soon.




BWG Commercial Property Management division was created to service more than 800 commercial real estate assets held by REO divisions of financial institutions. Our management services on these assets are wide ranging: Property Evaluation, Protection, and Maintenance are the services provided on the majority of our commercial accounts.

In the cases involving occupied assets, BWG provides full service Property Management Services including evaluation, protection, and maintenance with leasing responsibility, rent collections, and tenant management.

In many cases of REO commercial holdings, BWG has stepped into to manage and run operational businesses ensuring the value of the asset is maintained for the financial institution or owner after foreclosure proceedings force the original business owner to vacate. BWG has a proven track record of stabilizing such operational businesses to ensure a quick sale at the highest possible value. Such cases include BWG operating operational businesses such as: a full service marina, several multi tenant retail centers, apartment complexes, a cemetery, and several food service operations.

The management of large portfolios for financial institutions has given BWG the added benefit of wide ranging strategic alliances with industry tradesmen, engineers, municipality inspectors, governing agencies, and a team of professionals available at a moment’s notice statewide.

This broad range of services, wide ranging strategic alliances, and strong relationships with other industry consultants gives BWG a unique ability to extend savings and value on to our property management clients and in the other divisions of our group of companies.

BWG is ready to provide this full service array of management, maintenance and support to third party clientele for your commercial real estate assets.

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