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The BWG Difference - Providing maximum value to our clients with a simple, transparent approach.



The “BWG Difference” in construction is a simple, transparent approach in creating a team that fits each projects’ specific requirements to provide the maximize value to our clients.

The principals of BWG come from a well versed and long history of construction and development. 


“From dog houses to high rises” our leadership has built it all.  Through these experiences BWG understands that a few principals are critical to any construction project of any size.  Construction is simple if discipline is taken on following proven policies and procedures.

Every project is unique and requires special care to match the clients needs.  We take special care in matching our team and our trade partners to ensure a fit for each project.

Nearly all of our work is negotiated and we believe in complete transparency with our clients at every step from conceptual design to completion.  We take a very simple approach.  Our clients see everything and are instrumental in every decision made that will affect their project.



The BWG Difference – Providing maximum value to our clients through a simple, transparent approach to every construction project.


“Redefining Construction” is BWG’s simplified and transparent approach to providing the maximum value to your project.  Every residential project is unique.  Whether a new custom home or a renovation, the project is specific to you.  Our team understands this and makes the process simple.

From conceptual design through completion BWG will put together and lead a professional team (architect, engineers, designers, subcontractors, suppliers, and specialized tradesmen) that is the best fit for your project, maximizing your value.

The residential team for BWG is specifically suited to custom residential projects.  Whether you are in a single family residence or condo, its your home; and the challenges of completing your project are unique an impart emotion specific to you.  Our professionals understand this and will make the process simple.

We offer unprecedented transparency throughout the construction or renovation process giving you full access to our bids, our schedules, daily reports and pictures, schedules of values including overhead and profits.  From start to finish you have a clear understanding, input, and approval of every aspect of your project.

Drawing on our long standing industry relationships with professional design consultants, engineers, subcontractors,  governing agencies, suppliers, and the strengths of our other company divisions: BWG’s residential construction team is uniquely suited to provide you with the best possible team to fit your project, which provides you with maximum value.


Technicians at Work

General Contracting


  • At-Risk Competitive Bids

  • Quality Control

  • Competent Field Supervision

  • Schedule Control

  • Staffing for Specific Project Needs


Construction Management


  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Expert Advice

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Quality Control

  • Constructability Review

  • CM-At-Risk with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

  • Bid Solicitations

  • Contract Procurement Options

  • Evaluations

  • Bid Document and Scope of Work Development

  • FFE

Project Management


  • Owners’ Representative

  • Architect, Engineer, and Consultant Selection

  • Bid Review

  • FFE

  • Security Systems

  • Move Coordination

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